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Basic information of cup mask machine

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Cup type mask machine is composed of a series of machine production cup type mask, including: cup type mask forming machine, cup type mask mask machine, rotating disk cup type mask welding slicing machine, cup type mask breathing valve punching machine, cup type mask nose line laminating machine, cup type mask ear with spot welding machine, cup type mask monochrome printing machine, cup type mask breathing valve welding machine, etc.
Equipment information
Cup mask molding machine
The cup type mask forming machine can automatically from feeding, to more than a molding, shear and material return process, compared with the traditional artificial feeding, material return, shear can save 3-5 artificial, can produce masks 30-36 per minute, PLC control system, touch screen setting, operation simple and quick, can be single use single, only artificial and picking. Greatly improved the production efficiency.
Full-automatic cup mask molding machine parameters:
Air pressure: 5kg/c㎡
Machine size: 3400*1230*1900MM
Machine weight: 500KG
Maximum power: 10KW;
Operating power: 5KW
Speed: 30-36 PCS/MIN
Cup mask mask machine
Cup mask mask machine is also known as the slicer, mainly USES ultrasonic cutting and automatic welding edge sealing principle, the completion of the cutting and welding of profile-shaped slice. The machine solves the disadvantages of traditional lace machine such as inaccurate positioning, inaccurate size control, low production efficiency and high labor cost. With the integration of feeding, rod wheel pulling, ultrasonic cutting, waste separation, finished product sharding and other processes, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, the production cost has been reduced, and the products have become more standardized, more stable in quality and more beautiful in appearance.
Full-automatic cup mask mask machine parameters:
Power supply voltage: 220V, 50/60hz
Machine size: 840x630x1430mm
Weight: 450 kg
Feeding rack size: 1550x620x1510mm
Pneumatic: 6 kg/cm
Production: 50 to 60 PCS/min
Power: 1800 w
Frequency: 20 KHZ
Full-automatic cup mask mask machine features:
1. Automatic counting to effectively control the production efficiency and progress.
2. Frequency conversion control, adjust the running speed of equipment according to actual needs.
3. Rotate the control box and adjust the direction of the control box according to customer requirements.
4. Automatic waste collection, automatic withdrawal of waste, to reduce manual labor for operating staff.
5. Pull cylinder feeding, more accurate positioning, can control the width of raw materials to the minimum, saving costs.
6. The length and size of finished products are controlled uniformly, with deviation of ±1mm, effectively controlling the length of finished products, so that the slicing can not only meet the requirements of production technology, but also eliminate waste.
7. Independent feeding rack, convenient for taking, putting and adjusting raw materials.